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laura jean roberts 

hey there, it's

laura jean roberts

creative design studio

It's totally okay that you did! If you're a small business or just starting out, most are trying to DIY their site because you're just not ready to invest in something big. I don't blame you! Or maybe a 'designer' has created your website or made promises of 'a website in a day' and you're just not happy with it. And honestly, if someone is promising you your entire website in a day, it's just not realistic. If you want the website of your dreams, it's not something that takes just a day. So here you are staring at your website for the millionth time and getting nowhere with it. Googling squarespace + showit tips and tricks and one little thing is taking you a full hour. You've tried so many different options. But it's still just not right. It still looks 'homemade'. Something is just off... Whatever the story or situation may be, you just want to know how you can find someone to come in and fix it up or finish what you've started quickly without it costing you an arm and a leg... 

Hello, it's me. Laura. I'm your girl. This is my bread and butter. This is what lights me up. My husband calls me the red line queen cause I can just see it. I can see immediately what needs to be fixed. And I'm fastttt. Let's get this fixed up and let's do it in no time! (More than a day, but two weeks tops depending on the package.)

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Meet Laura

This is a picture of my husband and I on the beach in Malibu, California. 5 years ago we packed everything we had and drove from Illinois to California on a pursuit to live our dream. Safe to say we are certainly living the dream!

I'm a work from home mom with 3 amazing kiddos you'll see here somewhere on the site, including a set of twins! So let's just say if you choose me, you're working with one tough momma who knows how to get the job done! And if you're thinking I don't have the time...I'm realizing the less time I have the better because I am laser focused on what needs to be done and I knock it out! Don't be scared that I'm 'too busy'. I take pride in my work. Off the bat you'll probably see my level of perfectionism and professionalism that is my super power to creating such beautiful websites.

I've been working in showit for 4 years now and the ability to fully create without limitations is what has made me fall in love with using this platform. Squarespace has evolved so much and I love the capabilities it now has!


Website Clean-Up


Screen Recorded Website Critique
10 Hours of Existing Design Clean-Up
Maximum of 7-8 Showit Pages
Mobile Design
Image Updates
Linking and Design Transitions
Two Rounds of Revisions
2 Weeks Maximum

*This is not a site re-design, it is an improvement to the existing design

option 3


The Design Critique

Screen Recorded Website Critique
All pages included in the Design Critique
Website updates not included
The most cost effective option

option 1


The Full Package

The Mini Package

Screen Recorded Website Critique
4 Hours of Existing Design Clean-Up
Maximum of 3-4 Showit Pages*
Mobile Design
Image Updates
Linking and Design Transitions
One Rounds of Revisions
1 Week Maximum

* Add-on hours if you would like to continue with more pages or apply the design updates yourself to remaining pages

option 2


Book it

Buy it!

Book it

For all custom or semi-custom work, please message me in the contact section below with more details to get a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Option 3 - The Full Package

This option is for you if you've gone through and designed your site (or someone else did and you're still not happy with it) but you really need a designers eye to take care of it. You just want to take your website off your plate and start working! The investment here is worth being able to start promoting your business in just two weeks maximum! For the larger payout, you can start generating a return right away. I promise you, it'll be worth it! Take the leap, book your week on the calendar and let's go!!!!

Option 1 - The Design Critique

This option is for you if you know Showit like the back of your hand but just want the eye of another designer. You can save money by implementing the changes yourself. The important part of this package is getting not only the eyes of a designer but someone who can put themselves in the clients shoes as well to see what may be holding someone up from booking your services or buying your product. You might have a beautiful website but maybe you aren't really showing the customer what they really need to see...

Option 2 - The Mini Package

This option is for you if you're feeling stuck! Maybe you know showit really well or maybe you're realizing it's just not that easy to DIY as everyone says. Either you just want a little bit of help and you can handle implementing the updates to the rest of your site or maybe you just want to initially see what I can do for you on a smaller scale before you go for the full package. (Let me tell you though, my last client that did the mini, immediately upgraded to the full package because the reality is, you just want it done and ready for your clients to see!)

what clean up service is right for me?

She totally revamped my website in just three days—I was seriously blown away. Her communication was spot on, and she asked all the right questions, giving me tons of helpful guidance along the way. I was prepared for a two-week project, maybe even longer, but Laura's efficiency and expertise made it a breeze. Having owned multiple businesses and dealt with various website projects, I can confidently say that this experience with Laura has been unparalleled. Thank you for delivering beyond excellence and making this the best website journey I've ever had as a business owner.

Dawna jarvis
Business growth strategist



I had such an amazing experience with Laura! Her communication was top notch and now there's a giant weight off my shoulders. I feel like my website looks so clean, and professional with all the magic touches. It was such an easy process and I'm SO glad I did it! It was exactly the service I was looking for.

Kelsey booth
greenhouse creative studios



I did DIY for 3 years before I found Laura! How amazing it is to have someone who can see what you need before you even ask. Thank you for making magic with my site. A weight has been lifted from my life so I can focus elsewhere. AMAZING!

lois garner
as we go



my site designs

Lois's website took a complete 180 turn! You can really see her now visible on her site as well as understand who her client is. This site was so fun to utilize the amazing brand colors she already had. We went through every single page and took the content she already had and made it look so powerful and gorgeous! Hover over the image to see the homepage 'before'.

Website Clean-Up

lois Garner

Kelsey's testimonial says it all! There were spacing issues and her talents were not being captured by her site. There was so much more of her and her work to see. We added some more brand elements by utilizing some backgrounds that went with the Colorado mountain vibe. This was a quick 3 page clean up that she is now implementing on the rest of her pages.

Website Clean-Up

kelsey booth

YourInnerBabe is a coaching company founded by Jacq Gould. We created a completely custom, from scratch Showit Website with blog and shopify store embedded buy buttons.

Custom Website Design

jacq gould

I started with Squarespace Template that was the exact style and vibe Dawna was looking for. Every page needed a major overhaul so we decided this would be the best move to get the biggest change in a small amount of hours! Dawna added on hours to add additional pages she was missing. This turned out beyond what we ever could have imagined from where we started!

Website Design from Template

dawna jarvis

I started with a Tonic Template and really spent time customizing to make it her own. With an intense amount of copy, this site had to be as clean and clear as possible while adding in beautiful elements from branding and small areas of color since her brand photos really bring in the visual and overall look of the site.

Website Design from Template

aine rock

Squarespace is a difficult platform to work on with it's lack of creative freedom but I think I definitely nailed this website for my husband. We updated his branding, added training programs and released a new collection of fitness apparel. It's been amazing to continually evolve and add on to his brand.

Squarespace Website Design

Mark Roberts

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